Live. Rise. Fall. Repeat.

I always find it fascinating that your entire life can change within a matter of seconds. For better or for worse, everything you thought was important in life could drastically turn in another direction. I catch myself every now and then gravitating towards this state of discouragement; not depression, yet close. This state where all motivation unexpectedly seems to slip through your fingers. You can’t anticipate when you’re going to fall into, what seems like, an inescapable abyss. You can always try to watch inspiring videos, or get up and move around, but you continue to feel this void inside of you. This empty spaces still haunts you. That feeling that all hope is lost, where you don’t even remember your purpose in life. Then one day it’s gone. Just like that; motivation surges through your veins once again. I don’t consider this depression. I consider it being human.

Almost every great experience blossoms from a horrendous one. I can only attempt to describe this as the stages of a wildfire. Before the first flame, nature almost seems indestructible. Everything so peaceful, you can’t even fathom why anything would ever damage it. Out of nowhere, a storm approaches off in the distance. The deep roaring of thunder, along with the rolling charcoal clouds, causes the air to feel like electricity from the tension. It’s nature’s version of anarchy. An abruption of chaos strikes as lightning clashes with the towering oaks in a meadow. Fire. Fire everywhere. All hope is lost isn’t it?

Fast forward thirteen hours later. The chilling rain puts an end to the last of the smoldering ashes. The entire meadow is charred, surrounded by the slumbering ruins of the oaks. All hope is lost. You slowly walk over the scorched land, and to the center of what used to be the meadow. You inhale the overwhelming smell of smoke and take in the amount of destruction that has taken place, until something catches your eye. A deep lavender speck escapes it’s ashy captor. You move towards the speck and reach down to uncover it’s beauty from the ghastly ground.

An entire flower survived this disaster. It might just be a flower, but it just proves that even from the most horrifying experiences, something beautiful emerges. In life we run into our own personal disasters everyday. We fall into a state where nothing seems like it matters anymore, then a switch flips in our minds. The motivation light shines bright once again. Hope returns, and it’s time for an entire meadow to grow again.

If we’re “born to die”, what’s stopping us from living life to the fullest. Of course we’re all going to become discouraged, or run into challenges that seems far to great for anyone to conquer, but you can eventually overcome them. Even if you don’t overcome the challenge, it takes you on a new path, on a road to only where fate knows it’s going. It’s a magnificent thing, living life, without ever knowing where it’ll take you. Life can throw anything at you, but it’s up to each and every individual on whether or not they rise up to life’s challenges. Wild fires come and go, yet after every catastrophe, something always rises from the ashes. No matter how many times it gets harassed, nature always has a way of coming back, more beautiful than ever before. Rise from the ashes. Live life to the fullest, because something will always try to knock you down. It’s up to you when you jump back on life’s ever changing road.